Goat breeds: Cabra de las Mesetas

Goat breeds: Cabra de las Mesetas

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain.

Indigenous Spanish breed in danger of extinction.

It is a heterogeneous group, which some writers consider the fruit of the influence of the main trunks: Aegagrus and Prisca.
Geographical distribution: although in the past this goat population occupied a large part of Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha, although present in the areas of Aragon, Extremadura and Andalusia, the area of ​​occupation is currently reduced to mountain areas in the autonomous community of Castilla. y León, in the Duero basin. The main animal nuclei are found in the provinces of León, Salamanca and Zamora.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
For the moment there is no official recognition of the breed standard of this goat population; however they are heterozygous animals with high rusticity, with a straight or slightly sub-concave, mesomorphic and eumometric profile.

The coloring of the coat is very variable, with a predominance of blond. They have aegagrus type horns, facing backwards. There are also subjects with prisca horns.

Medium weight:
- Male: 68 kg
- Female: 53 kg

Aptitude: meat and milk. The typical product is the weaned kid (40-50 days), slaughtered at a live weight of 10-12 kg, which provides a meat of great tenderness and flavor.

Cabra de las Mesetas (photo

Cabra de las Mesetas (photo

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